International Board of

Credentialing and Continuing

Education Standards

about IBCCES


IBCCES provides an electronic tracking system for professional development hours in the field of autism.   Our tracking system documents and monitors predetermined standards in education, experience and performance eliminating paper work  for organizations and schools.  The IBCCES provides the official tracking system for the fastest growing designations in autism.

  1. IBCCES is a business league and registry for professionals that specialize in professional development and/or continuing education.
  2. IBCCES verifies applicants information and specific continuing education earned.
  3. IBCCES can assist state licensing boards with auditing and assist associations and university programs who seek continuing education services.

To promote autism professionals who officially track their professional development hours and abide by a renewal process every two years.

IBCCES uses the same high industry standards used by state licensing boards. Upon successfully meeting program qualifications, IBCCES is responsible for issuing a registry number, renewal process, disciplinary complaints, audits and other public registry duties.