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Online Autism Training for the Certified Autism Specalist

IBCCES University Online Training for CAS Credentialing

IBCCES is a global leader in online training and certification programs. One of the courses delivered through IBCCES University is our Online Autism Training for the Certified Autism Specialist program.

This dynamic Online Training Course is a comprehensive online training program that is delivered in recorded webcast formats.

Not good with computers? Don’t worry. From a computer standpoint, everything is absolutely simple. Our format makes our training available to anyone in the world with a strong Internet connection. In case you run into problems, our Customer Support team will be available to help.

In addition to the training webcasts, all related learning materials are included in the cost of the course.

Below you will find about the Online Training Course for the CAS.

IBCCES University - Online training for Autism Specialists


Convenience & Flexibility

With the online format, you can access the training from the comfort, convenience and the privacy of your home or office.

Participants also have absolute freedom and flexibility with scheduling. You are fully in charge of your study time.


The online format eliminates the need for travel, venue rental, event planning expenses, and other overhead costs.

Why would you hustle your way to class or rent a venue when you can simply sit in front of your home or office computer and enjoy the training sessions?


  • Master’s Degree:
    CAS applicants must have earned a Master’s degree in special education, education, educational psychology, psychology, human development, early childhood education, speech/language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, social work, or closely related field. The Master’s degree requirement will be waived if the applicant has a bachelor’s degree and at least 10 years of experience.
  • Two Years Experience:
    CAS applicants must have two years’ experience working in a field that treats or supports individuals with autism.


Tests are administered in the form of multiple choices. Students must demonstrate mastery by passing a post-test with a score of 80% or higher before they can move onto the next module. Every test is graded automatically through the IBCCES University training system. You receive results shortly upon submission.

Upon completion of all sessions, you will need to take a final exam. Upon completion of the final exam with a score of 80%, you will receive a digital Proof of Completion that you can print out as needed.


The IBCCES Board of Directors has approved 10 areas of autism competency for the Certified Autism Specialist program. The CAS training program and exam have been strategically designed around these 10 areas:

  1. Autism Overview
  2. Behavior Competency
  3. Communication Competency
  4. Social Skills Competency
  5. Environment Competency
  6. Emotional Awareness and Bullying Competency
  7. Sensory Awareness Competency
  8. Program Development Competency
  9. Motor Skill Competency
  10. Medical and Health Considerations

Please click here for more detailed information about what is included in each competency area.


Through IBCCES University we currently offer position-specific Autism training for the following positions:

Education Professionals
Classroom Teachers
SPED Teachers
School Counselors
Clerical and Support Staff
Higher Education

Licensed Professionals
Social Workers
School Psychologists
Speech Language Pathologists
Occupational Therapists
Physical Therapists
Behavioral Health Professionals and Staff
Healthcare Providers and Staff
Athletic Trainers and Coaches

Alternatively, IBCCES will accept Continuing Education hours from courses that directly relate to autism taken within the last two years. For any questions regarding CE hours, please contact us at 877-717-6543.


IBCCES University provides all the materials necessary to successfully complete the CAS training course for CAS applicants. These include a handout that participants can use to take detailed notes for each session.  The full Powerpoint (.ppt) slides shown in the webcasts will also be available for download.

Throughout the training course, a number of FREE resources mentioned in the webcasts and/or listed on the PPTs are available in our Downloadable Resource Library. Simply register online for complete access to data collection forms, resource guides, and more!

A comprehensive Study Guide is also available for the Certification Autism Specialist exam


Study Materials:

Most of the required study materials will be available for download from the IBBCES University website prior to each session. If new materials are added, it will be made available during the course. It is best that you review the study materials prior to the session so that you will have an easier time following along with the content. Participants will be provided with guided notes for each session. Guided notes are additional study tools designed to help increase retention.

Students are strongly encouraged to print out the guided notes and use it to take notes throughout each session for easy reference at a later time.

The online training program is extremely easy to use.  However, if there are any questions you will be assigned an implantation specialist who will be able to walk you through the process.


Prior to each session, participants will be required to complete a  5-10 item multiple choice question pre-test. This test will be graded, but you are not required to pass the pre-test before you are granted access to the webcast. The pre-test is only used as a baseline for determining what level of pre-requisite knowledge participants have prior to taking the course.

We strongly advise you to answer the questions without referring to any reference materials.


Upon completion of each session, participants will need to complete a 10-20 item multiple choice question that is graded and instant results are available.  The results of the post-test are NOT calculated on the certification exam.  The purpose of the post-test is to reinforce learning and also provide you with a measurement tools to test your understanding of the content on that particular module.

Course Duration & Pacing:

Each participant will be given a maximum of 45 days to complete the course.

Participants can go through the course at their own pace, as long as they make sure that they are able to complete the course within the allotted 45 day period.

In case a participant does not complete the course within the 45 day period, he/she may request for an extension for a fee.


If you have any questions or require technical support, please contact IBCCES. A representative will respond as quickly as possible to assist you.