The Association of International Schools of India Leadership Conference

IBCCES is proud to partner with The Association of International Schools of India as they host their annual Leadership Conference. The conference will take place at The Oberoi, Gurgaon on September 29 – October 1, 2016. All conference attendees will not only participate in the multi-day conference breakaways; they also have the opportunity to achieve Autism Certification with either a Certified Autism Specialist or Autism Certificate credential.

All conference attendees will automatically receive 20% off the cost of their Autism Certification, and the conference also includes 14 continuing education hours that count towards certification. After attending the conference, all you have to do to achieve certification is complete your application and pass the Online Autism Competency Exam.


Certified Autism Specialist

Eligibility Requirements

  • Master’s Degree and two years experience (or a Bachelor’s degree and 10+ years experience)
  • 14 Continuing Education Hours (Online Training Included in Pilot Program)
  • Pass the online Autism Competency Exam


Autism Certificate

Eligibility Requirements

  • Currently employed in a setting that requires you to work or have contact with individuals with autism
  • 14 Continuing Education Hours (Online Training Included in Pilot Program)
  • Pass the online Autism Certificate Competency Exam

Benefits of Certification :

  • Demonstrate autism commitment to parents, supervisors and colleagues
  • Promote a higher standard of care for those on the autism spectrum
  • Improve quality of treatment and care for individuals with autism
  • Maximize your earning potential and be recognized above your peers



Registration Form

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Conference Agenda


1st Annual Cyprus International Conference on Autism Treatment & Research

Welcome to our 1st Annual Cyprus International Conference on Autism Treatment and Research entitled Magic Always Happens through our interdisciplinary approach to autism! We are very excited to inform you that this conference taking place at Paphos, Cyprus, 18 – 23 November, 2016,has been placed under the Auspices of his Excellency the Minister of Health of the Republic of Cyprus.

Our conference has a true “360 degrees” approach and it aims to bring together experts and luminaries from transdisciplinary scientific research, as well as from applied fields including academicians, psychologists, physicians, geneticists, speech therapists, civil engineers, architects, economists, law, technology, and other subject matter experts. Together, we shall all discuss best practices and suggest ideal ways of working with, treating, educating, building for, and sustaining quality centers for autism excellence. Actions need to follow words if we are to render effective and efficient solutions, thus, allowing all people on the spectrum to enjoy a better quality of life and a brighter future.

All conference events will be held at:

Coral Beach Hotel & Resort Paphos – Cyprus


For full conference Agenda Please Click Here.



IBCCESAt the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) we establish industry standards and govern credentialing programs used by professionals in the fields of healthcare and education.

In 2001, IBCCES first established the industry standards for a Certified Autism Specialist. Our industry leading standards are now used by organizations all over the world to ensure the highest quality of care and training for professionals in the field of Autism.

Our board of professionals, including BCBAs, researchers from leading universities, state level Special Education Directors, as well as clinicians in the fields of mental health, Speech and Language Pathology, School Psychology, Occupational Therapy, and parents, reviews and updates these standards each year to ensure they reflect the latest research and comply with current laws and regulations for professionals in the field of Autism.

IBCCES also works with insurance providers in writing policy guidelines for autism treatment coverage and autism insurance reform. We partner with state licensing boards, universities and other national organizations to ensure their programs are aligned with the stringent requirements of our certification. Our online auditing system tracks approved providers as well as variety of compliance requirements including continuing education status, associated disciplinary actions and more.



The Association of International Schools of India (TAISI) was founded in 2005. Its primary objective is to create a platform on which the stakeholders of schools in the region can engage. This engagement has, over the years, taken the form of dialogue, workshops, cooperation, sharing and alliance building. TAISI’s focus is on professional development for teachers, leadership building for heads, and skills building for students. At the core of everything, is student learning.

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