The Autism Certificate Competency Exam

  • The Autism Certificate Competency Exam has approximately 40 multiple choice questions. A passing score of 80% is required.
  • Candidates are given a total of 60 minutes to complete the AC Exam.
  • The exam is based on the IBCCES Ten Areas of Autism Competency.
  • The exam was professionally developed to accepted examination standards.
  • The exam is administered online via an online proctoring system. Once you begin the exam, you will not be allowed to open any web pages or documents. The exam must be completed in one session and questions cannot be skipped or returned to during the exam.
  • Directions on how to access the exam will be provided once you submit your application.
  • The Exam will be available pending the submission of a completed Certified Autism application.
  • A study guide is not available. However a content outline is provided for your reference as it applies to the IBCCES Ten Areas of Autism Competency.

Content Outline

Content Area % of questions
Autism Overview 28%
Behavior Competency 17%
Communication Competency 7%
Social Skills Competency 5%
Environment Competency 7%
Emotional Awareness and Bullying Competency 5%
Sensory Awareness Competency 7%
Program Development Competency 15%
Motor Skill Competency 2%
Medical and Health Considerations 7%

Terms and Conditions

The IBCCES Terms and Conditions for taking the exam must be agreed to prior to commencing the examination.

  • The Terms and Conditions are as follows:
    • This is the AC Autism Competency Exam. You will have 60 minutes to answer all examination questions. When answering the questions, choose the best answer to each questions.
    • If there is a problem with a question, such as a typo, you may notify us at However, encountering of a problem does not affect your individual score and IBCCES will not provide feedback regarding these notifications.
    • All questions on this examination are equally weighted. Each question must be answered before you can proceed to the next question. You are not able to return to a question once answered.
    • YOU ARE PERMANENTLY PROHIBITED FROM EVER DISCLOSING THE CONTENT OF THE IBCCES EXAMINATION QUESTIONS. This prohibition includes verbal, written, and/or electronic (e.g., email, chat room, or other internet or electronic) disclosure. The Autism Competency exam and individual questions are protected and highly confidential trade secrets. Any disclosure or reconstruction of test questions and content shall be a violation of IBCCES rules and subject to damages including, but not limited to, the cost of replacing the compromised question(s) and reconstruction of the exam.
    • The exam must be taken with no outside assistance (including other individual or references). IBCCES also considers unauthorized sharing of exam content with others or using outside assistance to be a violation of the terms and conditions and constitutes cheating. Cheating or permitting cheating (such as letting someone copy your answers or providing information on the content of the exam questions to others), will be cause for disqualification. In such an event your application fees will not be refunded or deferred.